Mental Health and Working Remotely

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and although working from home can have its benefits, it can also affect our mental health. Being away from colleagues and managers can make it more difficult to get support and the signs of stress may not be recognised.

Mental health and working remotely

A Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) survey in 2021 reported that homeworking is having an impact on people’s mental health, with 67% saying they felt less connected to their colleagues and 56% saying they found it harder to switch off. Only a third of respondents had been offered support with their mental health (34%) from their employer. To tackle the health and wellbeing issues that people are experiencing as a result of working from home, RSPH is calling for:

What the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) say

The HSE has published advice for managing the risk of stress when working from home Managing home workers’ health and safety - Stress and mental health - HSE

Managing the risks of stress and mental health for homeworkers

This is the HSE advice for employers for managing the risks of stress and mental health problems.

How we can help

Making sure adequate lone Working and supervision measures are incorporated into our online Hybrid Working and Homeworking risk assessments and this can be personalised to reflect your own company’s policies and procedures to ensure that your workers are aware of the help and support that is available to them.

Our fully managed and easy-to-use assessment program provides step by step guidance throughout the process to help your workers provide an accurate assessment of their remote working environment and wellbeing. Each individual submission is analysed by a fully trained and experienced DSE Assessor to ensure all risk including mental health concerns are highlighted and reported to the employer for further action.

Please Contact Us to see how we can build your own personalised assessment program to meet all your remote working needs.

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